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Are you outgrowing your Houston home? Many Houston residents are feeling the crunch of having too many people in too small of a house. Whether there’s a new baby on the way or your aging parents are moving in, adding a room addition may be the logical thing to do.


Before you run out and hire a realtor, consider adding a room addition. Sound too expensive? It may be less expensive in the long run. Remember that you must pay the realtor a hefty percentage of the selling price as well as pay the closing costs. In addition, you must buy a larger home which means a larger house payment and higher property taxes. New homes come with automatic new expenses. You’ll find yourself at the local home improvement store many weekends in a row getting your house livable. You’ll need window coverings, landscaping, concrete work, and dozens of extras you hadn’t considered before moving.

In contrast, you could keep your existing Houston home and add a room addition. Additions are a terrific way to add square footage and increase your home’s value at the same time. When the time eventually comes to sell your home, your

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investment will have paid off in a higher selling price. In the meantime, you will get to enjoy the added space and amenities.

We’ve been working on additions in Houston for four decades. During this time, we’ve created home offices, master suites, great rooms, nurseries, granny flats, game rooms, in-law suites, home theatres, retreats, exercise rooms, and second stories. We have also converted garages, basements, and attics into fabulous new spaces.

A little imagination and a qualified crew of craftsmen from Katy Contractors is all you need. We’ll take care of the rest. We’ll obtain all of the Houston required permits and get busy adding additions to your home.

First, we’ll come out to your Houston home and go over design ideas and objectives. Our designers are creative and know what they are doing. They’ll consider everything and may even recommend options you hadn’t thought of.

We work hard to make sure our additions add value to the home. This means that the design must work well with the design of the existing home and look like a natural extension of the house – not an add-on. Our additions are beautiful and blend in. We make the extra effort to create a new space that is stunning yet functional. We listen carefully to your needs and build to suit – and exceed your expectations.

Take a look at our gallery of room additions we’ve built in Houston and you’ll see that choosing Katy Contractors is the best choice.

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